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I am in the process of creating an easy 3 day seasonal detox for better health with two of my favorite colleagues, Melina Economos and Andrew Saxon. We are scheduled to launch this initial 3 day detox in January at ReFLEX Arts in Sarasota. My contribution to this cleanse is my knowledge and experience in Ayurvedic practices. This seasonal cleanse something I do myself at least twice a year. As a busy working mom, it needs to be something that I can incorporate into my regular life. Although I try to work it around our schedules in such a way that I am able to take a little downtime each day, it is not something I need to go away for or take time off from work. I make sure that I am stocked with the ingredients I need and that some of the meals are prepared ahead of time.

In preparing to present this simple cleanse, I am curious to know what comes to your mind as the biggest obstacle for you to complete a successful detox. Maybe you have done them before and it was terrible because you were hungry or felt sick during the process. Maybe you have never done one before and wouldn’t know what would be appropriate to eat and aren’t sure who to take nutritional advice from. Maybe you think you wouldn’t be able to follow through with the plan if you have a young family. Whatever the case may be, I would like to hear about it.

My friends and I will take this information and create a plan that has solutions to these problems built right into it. I’m sure that no matter what is stopping you from moving toward wellness with a seasonal detox, we can find a manageable formula that will work for your situation.

In return for your input, we are offering a free Ayurvedic consultation to get you started to a random person who provides a comment on this post. This 45 minute consultation will offer you simple ways to incorporate more wellness into your daily life. These tips and techniques will be suited to your own personal needs and your specific body type or dosha. You will need to subscribe to this blog, like this post, and leave a comment about your personal hurdles when in comes to seasonal cleansing. Your location is not a factor for the consultation. This will be available via Skype, i chat, or telephone. A winner will be selected and notified by the middle of November 2012. I look forward to hearing what you have to say!

We are super excited about this project and look forward to sharing information and tips with you in the future!

About mandy main

My name is Mandy Main. I am passionate about helping people move towards wellness with yoga, meditation, and self-compassion. I am a wife and mother. I am an Ayurvedic Practitioner, Reiki Master Teacher and a Licensed Massage Therapist. I teach Yoga and Meditation, blend essential oils and combine herbs. I am trying to balance it all. I enjoy being both the teacher and the student.

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  1. The biggest obstacle to completing a cleanse for me is not having access to a specialist who can offer me specific ingredient, processes, and meal planning advisement that would be the most beneficial for me while being tailored to the needs of my body. I always read about general cleansing info and feel apprehensive due to digestive sensitivities, allergies, etc.

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    • Thanks for your input, Jennifer. I understand and think this can be solved pretty easily with a one on one consultation. We can set you up with an expert before we start a program for you.

  2. I would be very interested in a detox but my concerns/obstacles have been: being hungry and/or low energy. I am also concerned about the die off symptoms…getting a cold etc from the clearing out.

    • Thanks for your comment, Julie. I have been through cleanses in the past that have left me feeling all of those things you mentioned. I think we will be able to come up with a plan that won’t leave you too hungry or lethargic. Often during a detox we are slightly cutting back the amount of calories we consume in a day which will trigger a hunger response. I plan on incorporating some little snacks to help take the edge off. Unfortunately, many of us have a build up of toxins in our systems. When we do a proper cleanse of the whole body (not just a colon cleanse), we begin to release these toxins from the cells of the liver, kidney, small intestine, etc. As this toxic material moves through our body to be released, sometimes we feel tired and a little sick. All of the body’s energy is going towards getting this unwanted stuff out. This is why even though we can still work and function in our everyday life, we will want to carve out some down time each day of the detox. This allows the body to really focus on what is happening and honors the process of the cleanse. Sadly, no matter how good our diet is, we are all bombarded every day with unwanted chemicals and toxins. In my opinion, I would rather have a couple days of slight discomfort than leave it in my body. Do you know what I mean?

  3. While I really want to do a whole body cleanse I can’t figure out how to take the time out for myself with two young children running around! The morning is so hectic I don’t even eat breakfast until 10 or 11AM. The idea of feeling run down while my boys roll across the floor, wrestling, gives me great pause. Some of the ingredients and preparation can be intimidating as well as time consuming. Thank you!

    • Thanks for the comment, Melissa. I understand your apprehension. You may need to carve out a half an hour or so for a couple days prior to the cleanse in order to have things prepared. It may be a good idea to make plans for one or both of your children for a couple of hours each day during the process. During this time, you will be able to do some self nurturing with maybe a bath, a nap, or even a restorative yoga practice. I know that some days this seems impossible. When we go into this with the knowledge that we will be able to think clearer and have more energy when it is over, it makes it worth the effort to figure it out. You may also notice that as you incorporate this into your life on a seasonal basis, there isn’t as big of an impact on us. It just becomes maintenance and we can easily move through the cleansing process with little discomfort. As far as the ingredients go, I will keep your comments in mind as we develop the full program. I think for the initial cleanse, we are going to keep it really basic. Thanks again for taking the time to comment!

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  5. The only cleanse I have done is a candida cleanse. It started as just being a support person for Vickie, turned into a great experience for me. Had a few down days, I am assuming some die off, but did this cleanse for a full month and ended up feeling great. Unfortunately that was many years ago and I haven’t done anything since. I think the biggest reason would be knowledge….what to eat, what to avoid….so many questions. I would be very interested in learning more.

    • I’m glad that it was an overall positive experience for you, Gene. I think Andrew, Melina and I will be able to come up with a relatively simple plan for both you and Vicki to follow. Since you are local, you may be able to join us live for the cleanse in January and we will have the opportunity to talk about your specific needs in detail. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment!

  6. My biggest obstacle for a cleanse is energy! I work out 5-6 days a week and I can’t live off of liquid or anything like that. My stomach also has been known to flip on occasion when I’m running if I have eaten to close to working out / not close enough – a drag I know! I love the idea of a cleanse but have yet to find one that works for me!

    • Hi Megan, I think with a little planning you would be able to handle a gentle 3 day cleanse. Your activity level would actually help you to get a deeper detox. I wouldn’t suggest liquid only for you. I do think that adding juices and/or smoothies would be beneficial. Nothing processed, no meat, no dairy. Among other things, you could make a big pot of veggie soup and have as much as you want during the 3 days. I would suggest having a regular work out on day one (before you start to feel an energy drain), taking it easy on day 2 (your body is working hard at other things-this is not being lazy), and then pushing it again on day 3 (sometimes we get an energy surge on this day). Sweating on day 3 will help your body to eliminate any toxins that you have released into your system. Our skin is an organ of elimination so sweating is great during a detox. Thanks so much for the comment!


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