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Coming out the other side

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I am finally breathing a little easier these past couple of days. I think I fell off the sanity wagon last week. The most difficult time was when I realized that it was me and not everyone else. I took my frustrations out on the 3 people I love the most. Lucky for me they are very understanding and quick to forgive. As I was fantasizing about living alone, my husband was lovingly telling the children that they needed to be gentle with me. This brought in some shame to go along with the hovering depression and anger. In addition to these emotional issues, I was having trouble sleeping and experiencing headaches. From what I understand, I can expect more of this next month. Fabulous!

Returning to my Ayurvedic training materials, I rediscovered a few things I can do to help myself through this transition with greater ease–or any ease. First and foremost, I need to kick the caffeine habit. I plan on taking baby steps here because I’m a big baby who needs her coffee. I am going to start incorporating some herbs that I just happen to have in my pantry. These herbs include Vitex (aka Chaste Tree) for PMS and perimenopausal symptoms and Gotu Kola for some memory issues. Both of these can be blended together along with other herbs for a tea I can sip throughout the day. Lastly, I am committing to taking some time to go to yoga classes instead of just teaching them. My hope is that through better nutrition, herbal remedies, and small lifestyle changes, I will be able to go through this without psychiatric medication–yes, last week was that bad. I have nothing against psychiatric drugs. I took them for more than 15 years and they have probably saved my life a few times. But, if I can find an alternate way, I’m taking it.

It’s sad to me that in other places and times, this transition is celebrated and not treated as a nuisance. It happens gracefully and there is nothing to be ashamed of. I hope I emerge with a greater understanding of my body. I hope I can teach my daughter to be proud of all her body can do. I would love to hear any suggestions or remedies that you have.

Nutritional tip-cook with coconut oil. We all know the wonderful health benefits of delicious olive oil. I love olive oil. Unfortunately, once we introduce heat to this gem, it is no longer the darling we believe it to be. So continue to use it for anything cold or room temperature. When cooking, a great alternative is coconut oil. You don’t need much and the taste is very clean to allow the flavors of the food to come through. The health benefits are numerous. Here is just a few:

  • helps prevent and control high cholesterol
  • helps prevent and control high blood pressure
  • aids in weight reduction and maintenance of healthy weight
  • improves digestion
  • strengthens immunity

Coconut oil can be used on the hair and skin as well. Its list of uses and benefits continues to grow. Give it a try and let me know what you think!

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